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There are many streams of income available from your short-term rental but you may only be letting one flow . . . let’s fix that!! When relying only on the standard rental revenue, hosts are usually limited to one source of income from their rental. They are restricting themselves to additional financial gain when it’s as easy as selling things to guests during their stay! Let’s be smart STR hosts.

The Breakdown

Many hosts often search for tips and tricks to have the most successful rental property experience possible. But what is the main reason these rental properties exist? The answer is to make money!

So why not ADD to these earnings? There are simple solutions for your rental to be a top-tier money-making platform. With the BnSellit technology, you can have the income you receive from bookings PLUS earn the money you make from the sales made during your guest’s stay.

We have created a platform that enables you to sell or rent anything to your guests during their stay.

Even the smallest of short-term rental spaces can be the largest moneymakers.

The possibilities of short term rentals has evolved. Rental services such as Airbnb and Vrbo are almost two decades old, so why still limit our rental properties to only income from booking!

On the flip side. . .

Let’s also look at it from the guest’s point of view. These items for sale are new to your STR guests that will in turn make them say, “oh wow, look, I can buy this lovely sculpture they have here on the shelf.” This feature creates a unique experience for your guests and makes your short-term rental property that much more enjoyable. In addition, your items may act as a treasure hunt! There are many items that are just waiting to be discovered, purchased and taken home by guests.

So not only are you making more money from your rental, but you are adding to your guests’ experience as well. Convenience items are also an excellent money-makers you can sell. Often travelers forget items, and they may have to leave the property to seek them out. This can be frustrating for the guest because they may be in an unknown area and it will take time away from other things they had planned to do. Therefore by having those convenience items handy for the guests to purchase, you are yet again adding to your guest’s experience. Don’t we all love that 5-star rating? So let’s get it from making your rental property something that stands out.

There is potential in every STR property for YOU to make even more money.

Take a look at this clip of how to set up items in your rental and how guests may purchase them!