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In a world of Recycling & Reusing to save the planet, the demand for purchasing used goods has increased exponentially. Places like Vintage and Thrift Stores bring a “feel-good” sensation when someone picks up an item that once belonged to someone else. The habit of throwing something out is almost taboo.

“One person’s ‘trash’ is another person’s treasure”, as they say.

With the emergence of selling platforms comes many hidden fees such as packaging and shipping. Your three-dollar vintage mug only makes you 25 cents.

Many hosts want to fill their spaces with items that make the space feel like home, but most of the time, those items could be things the hosts don’t want or need anymore. By selling items to their guests during their stay, hosts don’t have to worry about packing and shipping like they would if they were to sell them elsewhere. Simultaneously, by adding decorative or functional pieces to your rental, you’re adding personality to the space. The kitchen filled with basics could use a couple of your decorative fruit bowls that have been sitting in your garage forever. Your guests may come across your unwanted gems and purchase them. Your rental is now an exciting marketplace “treasure-hunt” of items that are just waiting to be discovered.

Have an extra glassware set?
Bring it to the Rental!

Gifted a bright purple vase that doesn’t go with your home?
Bring it to the Rental!

Your guests can enjoy the item and then go one step further and take those items off your hands, just by simply buying the item on the BnBuyit app. Take a picture of the item you want to sell and list it on the app. The guests can see what is available for purchase by entering your unique host ID. Then, they can purchase the item on the app and take it home with them . . . no packaging, no shipping, no hassle!

Don’t Know Where to Start? Here’s the Plan…

  • Go through your storage areas, closets, garages and sheds, pick the things that have value but not to you anymore. There is no use in your tennis equipment collecting dust in the shed when someone could use it.
  • Once you find these items, think of their value. But do not fret if you can’t think of one; simply list the item without a price and wait for an offer to come in. This way, the guest is doing the work, and all you have to do is determine if the price is right.
  • Next, place your item in your rental space. Find an eye-catching and well-lit spot to display your item so that it is visible to your guests. You could think of this process in two ways.
  • One way is that you can embellish your rental space with your sellable items. This way, your guests may enjoy it so much that they may want to take it home to put it in their own space.
  • The other way is to place your items in a typical display. This tactic is better for smaller items or items that look better in a collection.

    Next, celebrate with the revenue you made from items you wanted off of your hands!

There are tons of websites where people sell their unwanted items, but the difference is these items are right in front of your guests. You like that lamp? Take it (but buy it on the app first!).