Marketplace Tips

Items to add to help make your Marketplace a Success!

Art & Collectables

Art and collectable items can easily grab your guests attention. Having an array of items that can be easily taken home are great to have as options in your BnSellit marketplace.

Cater to Your Audience

It is helpful to know what your average guests’ age and interests are before building up your marketplace. Cater to your audience by stocking up on items that will interest them, be most useful, and/or essential during their stay.

Useful Items

Guests tend to forget important items at home when packing for trips. Providing essential and useful items, like toothbrushes, water bottles, sunscreen and sunglasses, is a great way to accommodate your guests.


Souvenirs are important components to a traveller’s experience. People like to be physically reminded of special moments, which makes adding souvenirs to your marketplace inventory a great way to earn extra income.

Location Specific Items

Location specific items can be anything that will be deemed useful within the surrounding nature of your property. For example, if your property is on a lake, renting out your kayaks and life jackets to your guests will be a great addition to your marketplace inventory.