Frequently Asked Questions

How does BnSellit work?

First, list your vacation property, then add items to your marketplace or sale. These items can include things your guests may need or can enjoy during their stay.

What is a Marketplace?

A marketplace is your personalized store available to your guests in your vacation property. Using a unique QR code, your guests can purchase items and experiences with Apple Pay, Google Pay or credit/debit card.

How to set up your Marketplace?

Once you have added your location and inventory into the app, display the items in your property along with your QR code sign. Your guests will automatically have access to the Concierge feature when they scan the QR code.

What is the Concierge feature?

The concierge feature is automatically populated for you and provides local experiences, including guided tours, local attractions and ticketed events for your guests.

QR code signs?

When you add a location in the app, you will receive an email with a link to a printable QR code sign to display in your vacation property.


How do you get paid?

You make money when a guest purchases items and excursions. You can choose to be paid via direct deposit or by check.

When do you get paid?

Payments are made once a month the following month on the 15th. For example, sales in May will be paid out on April 15th. Please make sure you fill out your preferred payment method in full under Profile on the Host Portal.

What does BnSellit Cost?

There is no monthly fee to use the platform. You set the price of items you stock, and we receive a commission only when a guest
buys something.

How do I post an item for sale?

Go to the “Locations” tab and tap “Manage Inventory” and “Add New Inventory” on the next page. First, add an image of the item, then choose the item’s category. Next, give the product you are selling a name/title, description, unit price, and quantity in stock. Finally, tap “Save Inventory,” and it will be visible for purchase immediately.

Want to know how to take the best photo of your item? Read our quick Blog, “The Photo Savvy Host,” to collect some easy tips. 

What kinds of items can I sell?

You can post anything for sale! Our hosts like to sell food, drinks, toiletries, art, furniture, clothing or anything you have that guests can use during their stay or take home with them. Check out our Instagram page @bnsellitinc for inspiration!

What If my guests steal?

All of our hosts take those matters differently. There is a level of trust with every short-term rental guest and the “honor system” in place that allows hosts to trust their guests that they won’t damage or take anything from your units. It is the same thing as if a guest were to take dishware or a pillow.

However, there are straightforward ways to prevent this from happening. First, when displaying your items for sale or the Marketplace Kits, make sure to have them all together either in a tray, basket or on a shelf or table that has your HOST ID displayed beside it. This way, these items are identified as things for sale and not freebies.

Please reach out to us if you would like more signage for your items for sale if you wish to list items for sale in multiple places in your short-term rentals.

The contents of each pack from the Marketplace Kit are labeled on the packaging and are designed to show obvious signs of tampering to assure hosts and guests that everything is unopened and sanitary.

Our hosts are covered up to $200 in stolen items if a guest steals something. All hosts have to do is submit a report, and a BnSellit team member will review it immediately.

What are the most sold items?

Our hosts make the most amount of sales from items that are often forgotten that are essential to travel. These include toiletries, snacks, beverages, feminine care, sun protection and chargers. 

Our Marketplace Kit is a collection of the most sold items conveniently packaged for your convenience. If you wish to sign up for a Kit, visit our Marketplace Kit tab. 

How do my guests buy the items?

When signing up for the BnSellit app, we send you your printable Host ID sign that contains your QR code. Place this sign beside your items for sale and your guests can scan the QR code to proceed to make a secure purchase as if they were buying something online. 

How much do I make from my Marketplace Kit and other items I put up for sale?

When your guest purchases an item, BnSellit receives 15% of the price of that item.

Similarly, hosts receive 85% of the earnings from the Marketplace Kits. When we set up the Marketplace Kits in your BnSellit account, we provide pricing for each item; however, hosts are free to change the price of each item if they wish.

How can I restock my Marketplace Kit, and how much is it?

Replacement Marketplace Kits are for sale as individual sets at discounted wholesale prices.. Email us at

We encourage our guests to restock their Marketplace Kits with any items they have sourced themselves. You can purchase similar products from your local supplier or grocery store. 

How will my guests know that the items are for sale?

A tip that we tell our hosts is to always place your items for sale all together; whether in a tray, on a shelf or a small table. This way, your guests will know that these items are for sale and not give aways. When a host downloads the app, we send a unique HOST ID to them to set beside the items, which will clarify to guests that these items are for sale. 

Can I add my items to the Marketplace Kit?

Absolutely! We encourage our guests to incorporate any items they wish to sell at their short-term rentals. Check out our Blog to get inspiration on what to sell alongside your Kit!

How will I know if the items have been tampered with?

When it comes to the BnSellit Marketplace Kits, there is a tearaway seal that is covered with a sticker that will visibly tell our hosts if guests have opened the item or not. If you want to be  sure that your guests have not opened any of your items, we encourage you to “sell” the items with things such as stickers, clear wrapping etc. Some of our hosts will charge their guests for opening items that they did not pay for.