Make your MiniBar products and signage clearly visible. Hide-and-seek minibars don’t translate into great sales! For refrigerated items ensure that your guests know how to purchase and that these items are not ‘help yourself’

Creating your own kits can be fun and a great way to make profit from your minibar. Consider these popular packages which can be created and purchased from most local stores.

Charging Kit (Universal Charging cable, Charging block, screen wipes).

Spa kit (Face mask, Moisturizer, Cucumber eye freshener).

Recovery kit (5 hr energy, Emergen-C, Magnesium, Vitamins)

Pleasure Kit (Condoms, Lubricant, Pleasure device, Mini games).

Alternatively, provide a large selection of pre-packaged kits.

Anticipate guest needs and wants. Think of items they may forget; Sunscreen, Mosquito Spray, Phone Chargers.

Sugar, spice and everything nice: Curate a mix of sweet, salty and healthy options.

Regularly clean and dust your minibar.

Check expiration dates and remove anything past its peak freshness.

Refill empty spots as products are purchased.

The price is right: Rule of thumb for the sale price is 100% Mark up (something costs you $1.00 you sell it for $2.00). This is completely at your discretions and pricing items can be changed as you determine what is or isn’t selling.

Product(s) not selling? Don’t be afraid to change it out with something new.

Offer incentives to staff taking care of the minibar, perhaps via total percentage of sales. Your housekeeping or property manager will be more engaged.

How to list an item for your inventory?

Open the Bnsellit app > Tap the location you want to list your item in > Add New Inventory > Add a clear photo of what you are selling > Name the item you want to sell > add a detailed description of the item > select the minibar category from the drop down list > enter a quantity or select unlimited > Choose YES/NO to is this ‘inventory for sale?’ and Finally click ‘Add new inventory’

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