The general rule is to offer your guests items for sale that can either be used during their stay or can be taken with them when they leave.

Items Used During Their Stay

If you have ever stayed in a hotel you more than likely experienced the in-room Mini-Bar. The most popular items used by guests during a stay are listed below. Of course anything unique to your location can be added as well.

– Bottled Water – Still and Sparkling
– Canned Pop and Juices
– Chocolate Bars
– Gum and Candies
– Snacks (popcorn, chips, nuts, etc.)
– Toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss and mouthwash
– Razors and Shaving Cream
– Cell phone charges and cables
– Hand Sanitizers, tampons and pads, sanitary wipes
– Eye masks, ear plugs, Alka Seltzer, Antacid tablets
– Condoms

Most of these items can be purchased from your local drug, or grocery store. Rule of thumb for the sale price is 100% Mark up (something costs you $1.00 you sell it for $2.00). The best idea is to place these items on a tray in a designated spot in your rental. Make sure to display the proper signage in and around your tray display.

Items To Take Home
There is really no limit to what can be displayed and sold in your rental. You can include items that you simply no longer need or you can place purchase items your guests might like to purchase.

– Books, Albums, CDs, etc.
– Art and antiques
– Souvenirs from your town or city
– Small Household Items
– Anything you can think of!

It is important to remember that the items sold under this category must be transportable by the guest.