What is BnSellit?

BnSellit is a mobile application that allows you to post anything for sale or rent while your guests enjoy their stay at your rental property. Participating in BnSellit is a way to earn extra income from your property.

Is BnSellit free?

While BnSellit is completely free to use, BnSellit charges a percentage of the purchase total for each inventory sale plus Processing Fee.

What can I sell to my guests?

You can post anything for sale. Food, drinks, toiletries, art, furniture, clothing or whatever you have that a guest can use during their stay or take home with them. Visit the “ideas” tab for more information.

How do I post an item for sale?

Add a new location on the locations tab. Once created, you will have your new location under “My Locations.” Tap Manage Inventory and Add New Inventory on the next page. From there give the product you are selling a name, detailed description, category, price, and quantity. Tap Add New Inventory and it will be visible to buyers and available for purchase immediately.

How do I use the rental feature?

The rental feature allows you to rent at a flat rate for the duration of your guest’s stay. Items like golf clubs, bicycles, canoes, jet skis, your car or anything you think your guests may want to use during their stay.

What is the difference between general merchandise and the mini bar?

General merchandise are items like art, furniture, lamps, souvenirs, clothing. Things that you would like to sell around your house that your guest can take home with them when they leave. Tap the “Ideas” tab to view examples of general merchandise.

Mini bar items are items your guests will use during their stay such as snacks, drinks, toiletries, chargers and more. Tap the “Ideas” tab to view examples of mini bar items.

Are refunds and exchanges allowed?

No, refunds and exchanges are not allowed. Once something is purchased it is final sale.

Is shipping items allowed?

No, all products will be purchased during your guest’s stay at your rental property.

What price do I set for my items?

You may price your items at any price you think is fair and whatever you think they are worth.