What can you do with BnSellit?

Hosts can earn additional income selling items and experiences to guests during their stay.

How does BnSellit work?

Getting started is easy, first sign-up, add your vacation property and create your marketplace. Now you can add any items you wish to your marketplance and guests can also book local experiences right away.

What is a Marketplace?

The marketplace is your personalised store available to guests during their stay at your rental property. Using a unique QR code, guests can purchase items you list for sale as well as tickets to local attractions.

How to set up your Marketplace?

First, create an account. Once you do your marketplace is already live and offering your guests local experiences. Using the mobile app or the BnSellit Host Portal, you can begin adding inventory to your marketplace. Once you are happy with your marketplace, print and display your unique QR code in your property for guests to interact and purchase.

What is the Experience feature?

Once you create your account and display your QR code, your marketplace will automatically begin showing guests a curated list of local attractions and things to do. Guests can purchase tickets to these experiences and you’ll receive 7% of every sale. These will always be available to your guests alongside your marketplace items for sale.

How do I setup my QR code?

When you add your property on sign-up, you can either print your own unique QR code which is linked to your marketplace or request your free welcome kit. Your free welcome kit includes your unique QR code along with additional info on how to get started.


How do you get paid?

When guests purchase products or experiences in your marketplace, you can choose your method of payment on your app or using the Secure Host Portal.

When do you get paid?

Payments are made once a month the following month on the 15th. For example, sales in March will be paid out on April 15th. Please make sure you fill out your preferred payment method in full under Profile on the Host Portal.

What does BnSellit Cost?

BnSellit is a free service. There is no monthly fee to use the platform. Hosts receive 100% of the sale of items sold in their marketplace.

How do I add an item to my marketplace?

To add an item to your marketplace, select the inventory option in your Secure Host Portal. Next, tap manage inventory for the location of your choice and next, add inventory. First, add an image of the item, then choose the item category. Add a name, a price and a quantity and you’re done!

What can I sell on my marketplace?

You can post anything for sale in your marketplace! The most popular items to sell are living essentials, food and beverages, souvenirs, art and decor or anything your guests can take with them after their stay.

What are the most popular items for sale?

Our hosts earn the most from food and beverage items and forgotten essentials like toothpaste, sunscreen and shampoo.

How do guests purchase the items?

Once you’ve displayed your QR code at your property, guests can scan it to access your marketplace and make a purchase using their credit card. You can display as many as you’d like or anywhere you have an item for sale.

How do guests know that these items are for sale?

It is important to place your QR code displays beside items that are for sale. A tip we always advise hosts to do is place items that can be placed together, together; whether on a tray, shelf or small table to make it easy for guests to purchase.

How do I prevent stolen items?

As with all short-term rentals, there is a level of trust afforded by the host to each and every guest. Hosts rely on this trust to avoid damage to the property or stolen items like kitchenware or pillows during every new guest’s stay. In addition to the insurance already in use at your property when offering your short-term rental which covers stolen or damaged property, our hosts are also covered for marketplace items up to $200 USD.