Are you interested in making extra income with your short-term rental?

The concept is simple: BnSellitâ„¢ helps you earn extra income by selling or renting items to your guests during their stay.

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    Earn extra income by selling or
    renting items to your guests.

    Each and every time you rent your property you have an opportunity to earn extra income by selling items to your guests.

    Guests download the BnBuyIt app where they enter your unique Host Id Code to unlock and discover items you have posted for sale inside your rental.

    You can post anything for sale. Food, drinks, toiletries, art, antiques, souvenirs, memorabilia, clothing and furniture. What ever you have that a guest can use or take home with them.

    Guests purchase their items using their credit/debit card and use the items during your stay, or take them home when they leave. No packaging, shipping fees or headaches!

    Twice a month you receive payment for all the items purchased (less the BnSellit fee).