We believe there’s more to earn than just booking income from your Rental Property. BnSellit is a platform that helps you increase your income by selling or renting items to your guests during their stay at your property.

Sign up for the BnSellit Marketplace Kit. You keep 85% of all sales!

The Kit includes a collection of essential items and curated products to sell to your guests during their stay.

* Limited time offer. This promotion is only valid for US rental properties. 


We’ve Got You Covered

The Marketplace Kit comes with categorized items that guests can purchase individually. The contents of the pouch are visible from the back of the packaging. The contents of the tubes are described on the tube and are displayed in the webstore and app. All packaging is designed to deter tampering to assure hosts and guests that everything is unopened and sanitary.

Easy to Setup

Once you have signed up for the Marketplace Kit, we will create a BnSellit account for you where we will onboard each of your locations in the app with images, descriptions, and the suggested retail prices. You can add any items to accompany the kit including rental items for your guests.

Just Display and Earn

Here are the contents of the Marketplace Kit, along with our suggested pricing.

*Marketplace Kit items are subject to change upon availability.

Spa Day $18
Sheet Mask, Bath Bomb, Lip Mask

Clean Freak $9
Antibacterial Wipe, Hand Sanitizer, Mask X2

Netflix & Chill $18
Listerine Strips, Feminine Wipe, Condom X2, Lubricant, Love Dice

First Aid + $13
Antiseptic Towelette, Bandaid X8, Rolaids X10, Tylenol X2

Mobile Device Charging Kit $12
Wall Charger Adapter, 3 in 1 USB Cable

MiniMergency $12
Regular Tampon, Super Tampon, Feminin Wipe, Liner & Pad, Midol X2

zZz $13
Sleep Aid – Chamomile Tea X2, Sleep Mask, Ear Plugs

Forget Me Not $15
Razor & Shave Cream, Deodorant, Poncho

The Cure $18
Energy Shot, Sunglasses, Advil X2, Mint X2

Pearly Whites $12
Dental Floss Stick X2, Mouthwash, Toothbrush, Toothpaste

Lil Toys $17
Games, Sensory Toys

Sunset $16
Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Lip Balm

Movie Night $15
Microwavable Popcorn, Chocolate, Candies

M&M $9
Large Pack X2

M&M Peanut $9
Large Pack X2

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